Registered Practitioners


The following people are fully certified Rose Alchemy trainers. These people are able to bring to you the learning embodied in Rose Alchemy, the special healing modality based on the knowledge and wisdom of the Sacred Rose.
Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or with any one of the trainers listed here.
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Cris Henderson


Rita is an authorised Rose Alchemist trainer who can take individuals and groups into the world of the sacred rose and demonstrate some of her many secrets. Rose Alchemy is a powerful combination of ‘Rose’ Reiki and ‘Rose’ Seichim – the divine masculine and the divine feminine in perfect harmony, working together for the benefit of all humanity.

Rita has spent many years developing and enriching her skills and once initiated in 1999 she felt herself open to an increasingly expansive vibration. She gives to Planet Earth in many different ways – with the purpose of total higher service. She aims to bring in the higher frequencies of Love and Light, Grace and Gratitude to the planet and then to transmit this for humanity and into all whose lives she touches in special ways.

As a Sister of the Rose, her work is vested in the energy of the Divine Feminine, the opening of the Heart and the Alchemical healing power of the Sacred Rose.
Rita organises in Finland “The Rose Pods”™, the experiential Gatherings for all those who are feeling the calling to open the Sacred Rose within. As a healer she offers one-to-one sessions globally, workshops supporting for those seeking spiritual inspiration, guidance and counsel and sacred rose journeying.

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