Mr Paddy’s Bookshop – Book One – Rose Lines Of Light Series

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Mr Paddy’s Bookshop – Book One – Rose Lines Of Light Series


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Deep in the heart of the city of London Pippa Rose Robbins and her trusted magical friends face an evil threat that is set to destroy their precious city – do they have the courage to stop it before it’s too late?

Pippa is the new owner of Mr. Paddy’s Bookshop the secret centre of a network of magical beings who are working to save London from the influence of unadulterated evil.  Behind the bookshop’s closed doors the Spellbinders and their friends create light-filled maps of London which Pippa places in London’s major museums and galleries.  Dark forces are working relentlessly to halt this project. They are determined to win and focus their malevolence on Pippa. Pippa soon realises that this test of her courage and resourcefulness is much more challenging than anything she has ever experienced before.

Overcoming evil will change London and re-balance the city as a beacon of light for the entire world. Pippa must work hard and proceed carefully to bring all the disparate members of the network together to face this common threat. She alone holds the key to saving the city. The dark forces are gathering for one final confrontation.  Will Pippa become London’s unsung heroine and save London?

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