Our bodies are much more sensitive and creative than we can imagine.  For many years I have ignored my body and simply hoped with the little bit of attention that it received that all would be well.  I found out to my cost that ignoring my body would not bring me to a state of good health and well-being so I began to listen to what my body was telling me with my full attention. 

The result is this book – My Body Loves Me – for I have found out that it truly does and that with recognition and understanding all matter of miracles are possible.


The contents of this book have been trialled by three people – who wrote to me as follows –

I have had the honour of reading “My Body loves Me: the art of receiving your body wisdom” by Dr. Cris Henderson. First let me say that Dr. Cris has been so good to me over these past few years with her wisdom and teachings, patience and love, she is a true Rose Mother and Rose Alchemist and this book is by far , to me , her most important work. Once I started this beautiful gem I could not stop, it’s as if my body became a sponge soaking up the words that it had wanted to hear all its life.

I have spoken to my body on many occasions, but as I was guided through each and every part from my hair, to my arms, to each organ, I felt so much healing taking place from the love that came through the words. I so highly recommend the little book of sweet deep wisdom, and I intend to do a body part everyday over and over.

Cynthia Karakalia Ayton – Downingtown, Pennsylvania


Noelene wrote from the Blue Mountains in Australia as follows –

This little gem carries ascension energies in its words; it is unique.

As I read it, I felt the power in its higher dimensional insights about our bodies. It reveals the amazing wisdom, intelligence and transformative power in each organ, each cell, in the blood, in muscle and in bone. And importantly, that by communicating with a particular body part we can bring amazing healing results to ourselves.

At the end of 2016 I experienced a detached retina.   After three eye surgeries, the best diagnosis was that I would have only very hazy vision. I worked with the eye wisdom in My Body Loves Me and found there is an activating energy behind the words in the text potentised by its author.  My ophthalmologist couldn’t believe the level of healing he found on my next visit.  He had not wanted to do the surgery so little was his hope for recovery.

I now ‘see’ the world differently, with my inner eyes as well as my outer eyes.

Noelene Kelly, M.A. Dip. Ed. – Blue Mountains, Australia


Janet wrote from Auckland of her experiences using the book

The title should give the reader a hint of the unexpected, magical healing that occurs as you work your way through this incredible book. I’ve read so often that I need to take care of my body, nourish it correctly, regard it as a Temple and many other bits of advice, but I had never before thought of it from the perspective of it being a living entity gifting me life and love.

This book has helped me to look differently at my relationship with my body and to love it because it loves me. I have been opened to receiving my body’s bounty with gratitude, joy and love and in so doing, opened myself to receive deep healing on a spiritual and physical level. The words have a life of their own and guide the reader, almost compel the reader, to spend more time on the areas that for the reader, need deeper healing. Each reader will experience this book differently, but not one will have completed it without a profoundly different relationship to the body that offers them so much.

Janet Jordaan – Auckland, New Zealand


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