Training in energy practice is the usual pre-requisite for undertaking the MAP course, and those who have learnt Rose Reiki and Rose Seichim often progress to this programme quite naturally. However, this program is intense and all encompassing, as the energy of MAP needs mindful application. Those who come to it directly often find they learn about the energy of money, abundance and prosperity in a different and unexpected way.

The MAP is available as a playbook as well as a course.  Details of the course are given in that section. The difference between the two is that with the playbook the student goes through the whole course alone, using the rose initiations to bring themselves to an understanding of the energy of money.

The major component of the MAP training encompasses the initiations and symbol therapy. The second component of the training concerns universal law.

Success or abundance does not only apply to money and this is a guiding principle of the MAP course. Success in communication, spirituality, relationships and so on are all integral components of our rightful abundance. When creating the abundance of living that includes financial gain the MAP helps to open an individual to an understanding of one’s purest objectives.

The major Goddess encountered in the MAP program is Moneta, the Goddess of Money. Through our links with Moneta our financial future may well be changed.

The use of this energy may bring a range of positive results into the user’s life. It may free an individual from limitations and unfortunate behavioral patterns.  It may contribute to the creation of a critical mass of renewable energy for change and development. It can transform miasmatic patterning, which is one of the most difficult and stubborn patterns of all to transform, bringing a change of energetic patterns which can be experienced on a wide level.  It can also uproot any conception of passive acceptance of the status quo in one’s life and reveal the full truth of the earthly existence.

The “MAP Playbook” is an eBook and available for immediate download.