COURSEWORK – Frequently Asked Questions


The new Rose Paradigm is one path to consciousness. Should you choose this path you will have many exciting adventures and I would be honoured to share your rose journey with you and to act as your guide and mentor.

I have included below a range of the frequently asked questions that candidates for the Rose Covenant course often wish to have answered before making their choice.

Why is there such an emphasis on the sacredness of the art of the ‘rose?
One important factor is the depth of the energy. The more willing an individual is to seek for deeper meanings, the more this energy will assist. The sacredness is aligned with this deeper search and with the energy of the goddess and the god themselves. The link is the rose.

I am already a Reiki and/or Seichim Master – what is the difference with this course?
The major difference is that this course contains the knowledge and wisdom of a sacred fraternity called the Order of the Rose present in Atlantean times and now incarnating in this life in order to help those who are interested to reach the level of rose consciousness. The Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose signed a sacred Rose Covenant which gave them the right to release this information in this incarnation. The information includes the initiations of the sacred rose. The potency of this sacred knowledge is embedded in the symbology of the rose.

What preparation is necessary in order to enroll for this course?
The course is one in advanced energetics. It requires a solid background of training as students need to be self-starters and fully confident in their ability to work alone. That is, the student of rose energy needs to be able to apply themselves to understanding the intricacies of the wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Rose which is revealed as part of the course. To do this an individual needs to be trained in reiki, seichim or allied disciplines.

What do you mean when you talk of initiation?
To initiate a person is to assist that person to reach a different level of energetic vibration. The initiations are available on this site for separate download. The energy in the words themselves helps the person to make the appropriate shifts and changes in their lives. The initiations also help the individual to remember who they really are.

What effect do the initiations give in practical terms?
The initiations align the initiate with the energy of the goddess and the god. Each initiation has a special focus and opens the energy of the recipient according to this focus.

Are there any other effects of the initiations?
Part of the initiation involves the age-old power of the goddess to heal the earth. The initiate becomes the earthly agent of the goddess and therefore activates a sacred contract. To accept nature in this way is an important component of the learning.

What level of support can I expect from you as the opener of the Rose Portal, the Rose co-ordinator, the course designer and Rose Mentor?
Different people require different levels of support. Sometimes working with the rose energy brings up things in one’s life that need clearing. Most people are able to resolve such issues as part of the rose training. If they take over one hour per module to resolve between us then it is often more appropriate for me to design a special programme regarding that particular issue. My charges for this service are $115.00 per hour. You will find I am generous with my time as I always believe that people making great changes in their lives and who are brave enough to relive their role in the past lives of the Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose deserve my support. However in practical terms because of the number of people now involved the hour per module is all that can be gifted to each person. More information about the rose mentoring programme is available on the rose website under the heading Rose Mentoring.

Why do symbols matter?
Symbol therapy or symbology activates the Higher Consciousness and reminds it that it is simply that part of the mind which is loving and wise and which already knows the solution to all problems.

What is involved in sacred rose journeying?
Sacred journeying is about the alchemy of working ‘Inside Out.’ It is based on the premise that changing the inside of the person helps to change them outside as well. It is as if one is designing a new map internally, which then happens in the external world.

What aspects of metaphysics are covered when learning the energy of the ‘rose’?
The course covers in different levels of detail the following topics.

Sacred Poetry
Sacred Journeying
Inner Powers and the inner landscape
Power of Concentration
Will Power and Self Discipline
Serenity of Mind
Power of Imagination
Creative Visualization
Power of Positive Thinking
Success Consciousness
Spirituality and Nonduality
Declarations of intention and Proclamations
Twin Flame Reunions

Why is the lost continent of Atlantis important?
Atlantis is the ultimate source of all mythologies and all religions. Indeed, the essence of the ancient mystery religions centered on the theme of Atlantis and its demise in the cataclysm we call the Flood. Religions such as Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism all have some of their roots in the myths of Atlantis and its fate. So do traditions such as the tale of Camelot and Merlin, the Grail Cycle and the Holy Grail. Atlantis is no other than the Garden of Eden, which was the source from where the gods and angels brought the Gospels and the seeds of knowledge in the dawn of time. The Atlantean origins of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Rose fall into the same category.


What is the key to the legends?
The basis of the learning of the mystery schools is their link with antiquity, wisdom and knowledge and with the foundations of universal law. The wisdom and knowledge of the mystery schools of the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood of the Rose embodies this tradition.

Why are new aspects of the legend coming out now?
New ground is being broken in the art of advanced ‘Rose’ Seichim, also sometimes known as the Shambala Star as the energy changes develop and speed up. At last these changes are integrating into the physical body. Global energy changes have altered conditions making it easier for information and knowledge to flow on to all of us.


Why does a person need to monitor their thoughts during and beyond the course?
Thought is energy and energy can change anything – this is the basis of the sacred journeying and of the sacred poetry. So what you think, when dwelt on enough, begins to happen in your physical life.

What is the difference between sacred journeying and sacred poetry?
Sacred poetry is direct whilst the journeying takes a little longer and moves more slowly. Sacred poetry is sometimes used as a declaration of intention or a proclamation. It cuts through any retrograde energy and announces itself very clearly both to the participant and to the universal energy itself.

How does sacred journeying work?
Sacred journeying works at a soul energy level to create the energy of success and bring it into our physical reality. Success equates to true happiness and this is a guiding principle of the sacred journeying approach. Success in communication, spirituality and relationships are all integral components of our rightful inheritance.

Why do you include sacred poetry and declarations of intention?
Sacred poetry in the form of appropriate declarations of intention shows how to utilize the positive side of energy. And remember – the teaching centres on focusing on the fact that everything, yes, everything can be transformed. Poetry and declarations act as ‘harvesters’ of the energy putting the intention more succinctly. The universe then responds in kind. It is only whilst we are muddled that we get muddled responses.

Whatever you ardently desire,
Sincerely believe in,
Vividly imagine, and
Enthusiastically act upon,
Must inevitably come to pass.

Why are new aspects of the legend coming out now?
New ground is being broken in the art of advanced ‘rose’ seichim, also sometimes known as the Shambala Star as the energy changes develop fully integrating at last into the physical body. The energy changes have altered conditions making it easier for information and knowledge to flow on to all of us.

Please give some information about these advanced topics.
Advanced rose energy training has an anticipated path through to a highly evolved energetic vibration and works in collaboration with the goddess energies. A range of new and interesting topics form part of this advanced course.

Some examples are as follows –

  • Integration of new energies into the physical including changing the DNA.
  • The nature and role of the Sisterhood of the Rose, in particular, the relationship with the Holy Alliance and linkages with the sacred well.
  • Advanced developments in the nature, concept and usage of the Cosmic Rose Healing Bank.
  • In-depth understanding of the nature and role of collective thought forms and the rose’s role in the changes affecting such thought forms.
  • Soul retrieval and soul reintegration techniques.

Is there mention of chakras and auras in the course?
The chakras and the aura are crucial components of our energy anatomy, and this is part of the sacred knowledge. And we all know that the light energy is expanding on the planet in general and within the sensitive individual in particular. But how much do we know about what this means to the energy training systems we follow and to the aura in particular? As this light energy is embodied the auric body is being stretched and strained. Those who are sensitive to it can actually feel this sense of fineness on the outer perimeter of the aura.

What should I know about the effects of the sacred rose energy on my soul?
Another fascinating aspect of this path concerns the reunification of the soul fragments at a universal and at an individual level. Over long periods of time parts of the soul may have been separated from the physical body. This has happened when the physical body experiences deep trauma. Such trauma has been inflicted on our physical bodies for centuries, but such is the nature of our sensitivity to energy now, we can feel this trauma embedded in the very vibration of our Mother Earth. The Rose energy courses, particularly the Tapestry of Heaven course, helps to change this deep sense of trauma often experienced by the sacred fraternity of the Rose.

Should I expect any tests as I progress?
Those who are unaware of the big picture in relation to the energy vibrations at this level may be undergoing some particular tests and finding obstacles in their daily paths. And so, on an individual basis there can be some particular issues, which need to be effectively solved. Individual trauma is often caused by the false perception we need to do or accomplish ‘things’ in the physical world. But such ‘things’ may not be what our soul requires of us. And yet the individual can often see no way out. The big picture is obscured because each day individuals feel they are required to perform ‘have to’ duties, such as working in jobs that no longer resonate with their new inner aura. Other examples include those needing to manage a business that is not part of the soul purpose any more or those functioning in what at times seems to be an uncaring daily environment. Then there are those who are ill or suffering the grief of the loss of a dear one and those required to be part of a dysfunctional family unit or even an unequal or dependant relationship. There are many now who are becoming aware at the deepest levels of the sexual inequality in their lives and being stunned by the depth and extent of it. The deep sense of sensitivity being experienced is often partially caused by the development of this new inner aura. In other words the sensitivity is a wakeup call to move forward on the chosen path home!

So how does this all work?
The fragments of the soul are being reunited by the many individuals who wish to return to their source, to climb the energetic ladder to freedom, and to embody their soul purpose on earth in the here and now. The rose energy is expanding as a knowledge system and receiving not only ancient wisdom in a more extensive form, but new wisdom, which is being united to form an expansive agenda. The rose energy is integrating and unifying the ancient and the modern knowledge. The result is a path of sacred gentleness, which opens the adept to embodying new levels of energy.

One of the key purposes of the material provided is to overcome any remaining barriers to an individual’s emergence as a new person either on the world stage or in that person’s own community of friends.

What is meant by the term spiritual authenticity?
In achieving this authenticity the following elements may need transformation.

  • Friendships may need to be taken to a higher level – any friendships, which show signs of cracking, are very important – they need to be examined carefully.
  • It may mean that the contract you had with the person concerned has come to an end.
  • One’s true self needs to be revealed to the soul partner – this can be quite difficult but it is well worth the work necessary.
  • The outer life will fully reflect the inner. An individual is better able to ‘see’ in all aspects of a new role.

Are there any other aspects I should understand?
Another aspect of this ‘integrated’ soul path is the importance of the declaration of intention, or the proclamation. This is the ringing clarion call of those who intend to make the journey and to take on, in all aspects, the results of that declaration. It can be heard in the kingdom of heaven, and it resonates there. It calls out – I AM READY. One declaration of intention is often not enough, because, as the soul returns into oneness, the sacred links expand further and further looking into the beyond where previously the curtains were drawn. Usually particularly important energy days are chosen for the embodiment of this contract and such choices seem to facilitate the ability for direct linkages.

We have entered the new Rose Paradigm now. The ‘Rose Road is an integral component of the new paradigm. It is simply a way of describing the integrated form of the rose energy. The ‘Rose’ Road is one of many paths home to the source. It is one of such beauty and independence that it really appeals to the seeker who is self-managing by nature and who wishes to explore. It also appeals to those who like some understanding of where the path is headed because it is laid out or expressed in several distinct yet inter linked stages of beingness.

The person must be able to work alone understanding that he or she does not need to carry anything on the journey except his or her essential self. The symbolic representations of the ‘rose’ path are such that the kit bag is light, and can be taken anywhere on the planet without excess luggage being involved. The sense of deep inner peace that this journey engenders and the ability to watch the outer world, somewhat in the way of a spectator is marvellous. Because only at this point can the truest level of detachment be practised and the oneness be given space and time to emerge.

What can I expect when I study the Money, Abundance and Prosperity (MAP) course?
Part of everyone’s birthright is to live their dream and to live in their dreams – all you have to do is to claim what is rightfully yours. This claim, as far as I am aware, seems to activate our true spiritual contractual arrangement, which is often concealed by other superfluous contracts. Finding the essence of the relationship with money and that original contract is really what this course on Money Abundance and Prosperity (MAP) is all about. It encourages the individual and demonstrates the way to claim birthright following step by step processes. Whilst much of the course is based on esoteric principles, including the series of sacred journeys, it also acts as a practical guide to ensure that we know exactly what to do and when to do it. The methodology is simple, straightforward, and can be followed step by step. However it is important to add that when beginning this work one should be ready to expect the unexpected – the results are rarely what the rational mind is expecting!

How can I live my dreams in this world?
To live your dreams simply means to live your true destiny actively seeking out those things that make you feel happy, healthy and totally fulfilled. Imagination builds faith. And it is vital that you have faith in yourself and your abilities, otherwise the things you wish to achieve will not necessarily manifest.

What can I expect to learn about money?
One of the interesting topics covered is the issue of money maturity. Links are forged between money maturity and the chakra system of the human body. The chakra system is a dynamic energy system that is responding sensitively to the vibration of incoming universal energies. These universal energies trigger the chakras to change, develop and grow in an absolutely unprecedented way. Linking the chakras with aspects of abundance brings us into a new relationship with finance that is unlike any relationship we have ever experienced before. Your understanding of the nature and role of money in everyday life will have changed by the end of this section of the course. An individual will also achieve a more in-depth understanding of the dynamics of wealth as work continues.

Is there a goddess involved with the energy of money?
The major goddess encountered in the MAP program is Moneta, the goddess of money. Getting to know her is always a wonderful experience!

What positive results come out of the MAP program?
The use of this energy can free an individual from limitations in all areas of life, not just money. It can transform miasmatic patterning, which is one of the most difficult and stubborn patterns of all to transform, bringing a change of energetic patterns which can be experienced on a wide level


‘The Rose Covenant’ contains the integrated wisdom of the Sisterhood and the Brotherhood of the Rose who combine to form the Order of the Rose. Part of the Rose Covenant is a mythical individual journey along a road stylized as a Rose Road. It is a core component of the master’s training.

What does the Rose Road represent?
It represents a direct personal encounter of the soul, as it becomes whole. It activates the sacred reunion of the body, as it unites with its beloved. As a mystical model it is simple yet profound initiating those who walk it with an amalgamation of the archetypal mythical feminine.

What happens at the end of the road?
The participant should emerge at the end of the road with a passion and fervor for life. On this road end the participant experiences the sacred reunion with the goddess where there is no room for double standards. Sometimes there is an experience of being reduced to nothingness. And then, like the rising of the phoenix from the ashes a new phase of life is born.

What about the initiations that occur on the Rose Road?
Each initiation comes at the end of a module, or even part way through that module. The candidate will often request the initiation when she or he feels ready.

How does a person know if the road is for them?
An individual instinctively knows that whatever way they came to the road they are meant to be there. If you are a guide to others who want to use the road you are also meant to be there. The road is not always level, but it is well signposted. What follows is some background to the road and its concept.

We are all given a unique blueprint or a ‘unique self’ that we are looking to uncover and fulfil. This is our real reason for being on earth. The ‘blueprint’ is what we mean when we talk about the ‘soul’. This aspect or merger with the true self is one part of the new journey. The Rose Road is also the journey of the goddess energy or the gathering of the goddess. Each section is self contained yet interdependent with the next.

The Rose Road is a path that is open to anyone to travel, and it is not simply for the wealthy, as everyone has the right to true knowledge. Accept the road with your heart open with love. Pause and take the time to open your heart and find out if you are ready for this commitment.

Much of what happens on this road cannot be explored in writing.

Movement beyond words and merging with the goddess energy at each step on the road is essential. At the end of the road the discovery is that the road never ends and it is here that we incorporate the divine energy in its balanced male and female form into the DNA.

Historically, the energy symbols from the rose training systems were passed from initiate to initiate as part of sacred wisdom housed in mystery schools located all over the world. Today, the energy fields of the earth are lifting to higher vibrations and the sacred symbols can be employed in new and exciting ways to benefit all people on our planet. However, I should say at the time of the mystery schools, there was a counter movement who sought to hide the importance of pure energy and to weaken the access.

Each goddess met on the road inhabits a spot within the DNA of your own body. So the goddess opens up a different aspect of yourself and reveals to you issues that need to be solved to enable the fullest possible integration of her energy within you. She lives in the Chakra behind the Chakra. Once she has fully integrated into your body you will know and you will be free to move forward.

The journey down the Rose Road is a journey of re-definition, redefinition of an individual and of his or her possibilities. The person will learn who they really are and who they can become. This is a journey that will be undertaken mainly in a solitary manner but with all sorts of amazing support from many dimensions. It is not a journey that can be undertaken lightly. In fact had you thought it was, you would never be at this take-off point now or be seeking this information!


What happens in the Healing Fields of Heaven? What are they? Where are they?
I am now transmitting rose consciousness twice a week to help energetically boost those working with the rose energy in its many and varied forms. Just take it as happening regularly now – Sunday night 9p.m. and Monday 6p.m. Brisbane (Australia) time.

I am happy to take any special requests especially for those who wish to take a unique and sacred journey into the Healing Fields with me. The Sacred Heart of Jesus sits directly in the middle of the Healing Fields. It has boosted access and links to the sacred geography of Heaven. And now there is something changing in the Healing Fields – the texture of the colours and the dimensions are changing – when I look at it now it is as if I am looking through those special 3-D glasses we all had for Avatar – the healing that flows from the Healing Fields is magnificent – it seems to be a rare combination of gratitude, grace and generosity of spirit.

And so to those of you on the Rose Journey into consciousness I send my warmest rose wishes and my special thoughts until we meet again next Sunday in the Healing Fields of Heaven.


Am I able to teach others if I complete this course?
You will be if you are interested and if you have completed the entire course – ‘The Rose Covenant.’ The teacher training follows on from the master’s training embodied in ‘The Rose Covenant’. Further information can be provided to those who have an interest in teaching the rose energy – it is now time for the rose energy to spread all over the world – and to be available to everyone who is a true seeker. You will be provided with the basic curriculum and you can then add to this curriculum from your rose essence the elements of what you are personally meant to teach to those who are waiting to hear.

The journey remains a source of wonder and delight to me and I hope you will find it just as exciting. Should you feel drawn to this road remember that it is a road of surrender. This means surrender not to the exterior world in any of its forms or manifestations but to the god and goddess within you, so that your essential self, your life and your life experiences are successful in every form and at every level.

Change is with us every day of our lives. It brings with it enormous challenges to body, mind and spirit. Within this material a formula is embedded to assist with easing change into one’s life in a gentle yet effective manner. I look forward to welcoming you on your individual rose journey.

From Crissie Hendo

With Rose Blessings

Irish Rose by Gabriella