Atlantean Circus

Circus, Circus the Atlantean Source Code Readings

From Dr. Cris Henderson, Rose Alchemist

The intensity of the change is with us now during 2018.  We keep shedding all past life layers and echoes.  Whilst we have shed the main energetic field of Atlantis at last and we can now operate free from her influence we still need to ensure that no lingering echoes remain.  We need to push through any illusions so that we can generate a pure level of manifestation in 2019. In 2019 we will begin to live the story that we are creating here and now in 2018. We are nearly there and soon in 2019 we will at last enter the world of infinite and expansive possibilities about which we have all dreamed for so long.

The energy of the circus is fierce.  You may remember your time in the Atlantean circus and you may remember the influence of the Ringmaster who directed you to perform in ways that were forced and foreign to your gentle rose nature.  There is an energy and pure force field of fire underneath the Circus energy – and this is a living symbol of the fire energy of the earth mother.  Our earth mother is calling to us now – she wants to liaise with you through the agency of Circus Circus and open your experience to expand its length and its breadth. In this way the changes can be received harmoniously by all who are open to the experience this strong and insistent energy. 

The Circus Circus reading identifies present life challenges whilst offering gentle guidance on how to move through these challenges with ease and joy grace and glory. The Circus is a rose star portal – one of the few that we have discovered to this time – it opens to a review of the soul and the rose energetic blueprint that is solely yours and yours alone.

The Circus reading is done in writing – which is sometimes the best way because it may bring deeper layers to the discussion!  It is of course rose centered – and rose flavored – and rose influenced at every level.  It often identifies the thorns within the rose and removes them without pain and anguish or deep trauma – it elevates one’s energy to a place where we become the absolute centre of our rose universe – we see the strands of energy that might be containing us – the whispers and echoes that may still be there holding us back and preventing our full rose inheritance from being received in our lives.  Yes, Atlantis is gone – however the Circus echo may still remain.  You will know if this is the case – and you will know what to do with this rose offering. It is, after all, all a matter of gentle choice.

Do you know this man? Is there a memory there of what happened in the Circus?  Is he following you in some sense in your current time and place?

Another archetype from the Circus may be familiar to you.  She is the Great White Tiger.  For a long time we thought that the Tiger was not our friend – she was in partnership with the dreaded Ringmaster – however as time went on and the energy of the Circus opened up and revealed itself as a vital portal for us to use to access other times and places – she became known to us as a friend and supporter.  Each of us names her differently – however each of us knows her true value as friend and compatriot. From our friend the Tiger we learn soul truth. Long after the energy of the circus has dissipated we will find our Tiger friend at our side in this life – she will be our mascot, our protector, our guide and most of all a deep friendship will be formed.  Look into the blue eyes of the tiger now and know her for all time.

Are you ready to search for the mysteries of the Circus? Are you ready to find the access point – the portal to the stars that is hidden here in its sawdust, its sweat and its unique energy patterns?  Are you ready to move beyond your current understandings and open your intrinsic self to new and more potent energies?  Are  you prepared to claim your financial inheritance? If you are please contact me for further information.  Each reading is $155.00 and bookings are now open.


Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist

This beautiful rose sent to me by Lyn is part of the portal opening gifted us through the divine agency of the Circus.  Enjoy her vibration – it will linger and support you as you move through the energy and vibration of the release of the Circus.