Come with me on a fascinating journey to bend reality and re-design your present and future lives by releasing all that has held you back in the past and bringing you to the absolute joy of heart coherence.


At the heart of every legend there is a grain of truth. This pattern – this long-running rose legend – began in Atlantis – within Atlantis is a circus ring called Circus, Circus where members of the Rose Family were detained and subsequently ridiculed by the Ring Master and his cronies – particularly when law and order broke down and Atlantis was falling – it was here that the roses were forced to perform like circus animals – so much so that many of us, the rose sisters, the main participants in the circus, have found that this pattern followed us down the timeline to this life.  It limited us, caged and contained us – it created a barrier between men and women, it kept us inside a box of energy which made us frightened of being who we really are in this or any other incarnation.  And now we have come to the space where illumination is not only possible – it is required and it brings infinite support and love with it. This journey begins the process of illumination – it and the subsequent journeys successfully redefine our reality.


Lessons in illumination continue in the second initiation in the series.  We find the ancient Amber Room where our series of adventures with Catherine the Great, a long lost sister of the rose, expand the level of illumination whilst at the same time releasing the vagaries of past existences where our light was diminished deliberately and where the torture and mauling we saw in Circus, Circus continued.  As we work with the energy of the Amber Room we transform the blame that has been attached to the members of the Brotherhood of the Rose and the divine masculine. We begin to realise the importance of the merger between the male and female energies – the integration and the melding – the balance. You will feel the energy of the Amber Room enlivening you as you now bring together the lessons and the liveliness and the unadulterated love activated by this journey – take this journey to find and explore the nature of the Amber Room and her living potential.


This life, the life of the Crucifixion, is the life that has influenced our current life experience more than any other.  This is the first of the lives I have explored when I have been in the life, part of it, feeling each feeling, smelling each odour and walking on the streets of the time.  Previously I used to remote view however when I began to receive information on the crucifixion which began in 2012 all of this changed.

This life has influenced us both individually and collectively to an enormous extent.  Our innate intelligence shows us that we loved Him so much that we could not bear to see what was done to Him.  Once the energy surrounding this time is released – and the pain of the masculine is healed – then the journey back to wholeness not only for us – for everyone – truly begins.


This sacred journey is filled with the energy of sublime bliss – the bliss of being a woman – the bliss of being a goddess – the bliss of re-finding the group – the bliss of recognising that the circle, the group, has its own divine intelligence, its own sacred geometry. With this comes the depth of extraordinary bliss activated by removing the fear – the fear that has often subsumed all of us and made us retreat from ourselves and one another – making us wary, controlled and unwilling to share.  We have come into our own at last. When inspirational women develop this aura of sublime bliss it affects the masculine energy which responds in kind – and in this way the balance is achieved.

By choosing this journey you activate a new level of the divine rose codes. You embody them within your sweet body feeling as you do the greatest sense of relief possible. Together we release the energy of the deep dark wound – and now is the time – this is the place. This journey helps you to acknowledge your sense of self as a woman without fear of persecution from anyone any more – it brings your sense of self to the fore without fear of rejection – this development will give you the new shiny platform from which you will be finally received.

After all you can see the gleaming shining generative emerald. You can see the Emerald Gate herself. As you pass through the gate you realise –the emerald is you.


This journey of illumination begins as we form a beautiful rose in our minds – an Amber Rose who accompanies us on our journey. She is buried in the grounds of the Palace of Versailles.

Silent Sentinel begins with a dream – the dream comes in different shapes and forms and it comes nightly calling you into the next phase of glorious illumination.  We are adding new connections into our brains as we experience this extraordinary journey.  So as we watch we see that you remain immobile in an inadequate hiding place – you are watching events unfolding at the Palace of Versailles. It is the time of the French Revolution.  It is the time of the beautiful rose who is known in this life as Marie Antoinette.  It is a time when the rose begins to show herself publicly.  It is a time when the feminine calls out to be saved from the ravages of the masculine. You feel extraordinary to be here not only watching history.  You are in it.  You are part of it.  You are making it. And this is how you feel.  You have, as a result of this journey, become someone else.  You can no longer experience your own body as it was – you begin to see things differently – your inner circuitry has now been changed – and you will from this moment perceive the greater reality and its infinite possibilities.


And now we must revisit Atlantis – we may not want to make this journey however to transform all remaining echoes and to make sure we are finally free it is imperative that we do so.  We realise that the end to all that we have known is coming.  Atlantis is falling.  This grand and ancient civilization is crumbling and we are there and a part of it and witnessing its extraordinary finale.  We are part of the chaos and we run together – looking for a hiding place – all to no avail.

It is all over now – Atlantis – all over. You are surprised.  You did not think it would be so soon.  It is soon.  It is now.  The time is ripe and we run to hide from the cataclysm.  We feel it bearing down on us. However little did we know as we ran that there is no place to hide. What it means is that the change is here.  It is happening.  We are in it! And the energy of today is running in parallel.  The infinite potential in your Field of Dreams has at last been fully activated. We have arrived at the point of no return.

We did not know that we would continue to relive this Atlantean scenario. We did not know that we would be sending out both individual and collective signals into the Rose Field of Dreams.  We feel this in every part of our body – through the Atlantean Flower Market comes the vibration of love.


We have pierced the veil. We are aware now of the change and so we journey now to find the book – the sacred word – the Rose Codex itself – the missing words that will change our lives even further- the words that will show us the way to absorb the energy of pure possibility.  We believe that the book will show us how to change anything – or everything. The words of the Codex that have been unknown to us to date are representative of our missing energies.  These are the lost energies that will contribute to the creation of our new reality.  We are aware that if we do not create our future it will be created from this heavy energy that is our here and now.  And now we understand – the book has never been missing.  It has always been waiting for us to come.  It is our selves and we are the book – we are the Rose Codex. The energies are merging.  We are ready to incorporate this upgrade. We are finding it now.  The two hemispheres of the brain have come together – the heart is illumined – no longer is creation coming from lack or scarcity – we are now beyond separation and on the path of wholeness – the journey of a lifetime. 

You are at a point where you never have to let the transformation stop – no-one can take this away from you now.  The sacred place in which you find yourself now as you integrate these sacred journeys/initiations is the place of the heart – you have reset your baseline – you have transformed your life and living forever – and the infinite possibilities will now flow through to your everyday life from your Rose Field of Dreams.  Congratulations!

Dr. Cris Henderson
Rose Alchemist